Thursday, 24 April 2014

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who has the best hair of them all?

It's been like about 8 months since I last got my hair done and it's in a pretty bad shape now. And what do you do when your hair needs help? You call Jerry and go down to Headlines Hairdressing.
So I dragged Hui Hui along to accompany me, and for some girl to girl gossip session. no seriously, we can bitch a lot. In the end, she was late, I was late, she was later than my late so I just went to the salon first and told her to meet me there. I'm not a very punctual person.

As you can see, my hair is in such a bad shape. Jerry was complaining about it too. Yeah your magic please? (On a side note, I absolutely love the makeup function on my camera. It's like, I don't even need to edit the pictures at all. Or maybe I'm just easily satisfied ._. wat)
Oh my god, look that that fringe. even when it's damp it's still so.....Q.... 
Jerry said that I needed another session of argan oil treatment to restore my hair back to the soft shiny silky state. :< It's expensive okay! But...for the sake of my choice. I sound really vain and all, but really, after doing this treatment, the hair becomes super low maintenance. I can just get out of bed and run my fingers through my hair and voila, my hair become outside world presentable.
Jerry was almost done with the first step before this girl reached. 
Since I needed to just sit and wait after the first application, it was time for some gossiping session. Coincidentally, there was this really cute guy at the seat beside mine. But it's not like I can start talking to Hui Hui about him since he would definitely hear us, and I wasn't sure whether he could understand Chinese. ended up as '私の右の男わ可愛いですね' (the guy on my right is cute right?)
And we started conversing in Japanese...which might have been a little weird. Now that I'm typing this, I'm getting paranoid and thinking...what if he understood Japanese too?! /dies/ 

CAN YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE?! Oh em gee. Welcome back soft shiny silky hair. 
I flipped through one of the japanese hairstyle magazine and saw a fringe design that I really liked so decided to get my fringe cut together with a slight trim. 

Decided to take random pictures just for the fun of it. While waiting for me to be done, Hui Hui decided to look up cafes in Singapore for us to go get our stomachs filled. It was almost 4.30pm and I had not eaten anything the whole day. 
The finished product! I'll need to wash my hair a couple of times to restore a slight wave so that the fringe ends up as desired. Right now le hair is a little too flat. 

This girl wouldn't stop molesting my hair. But really, with nice hair, confidence level multiplies!

Thank you Jerry my life saver! I can totally whip my hair back and forth now and the hair just falls right back into place.  
So Hui Hui felt that Jerry's assistant was rather cute and her type, so of course Rayna cannot hold still at that comment. I immediately texted Jerry after we left the salon and asked him for Mike's number. And the matchmaking fairy is back in business again. Hahas! But of course, I texted Mike first to sound him out, and I decided that he is not suitable for Hui Hui. (Don't ask me how I know, I just know.)

So after we were done at the salon, we originally planned on going to a cafe to grab a bite, but it was already close to 5 by the time we were done. And we had an appointment at Datsumo Labo for a consultation session at 6pm. We decided to just head over to Orchard first before going to the cafe. Since we still had some time to spare, we decided to eat at Monster Curry instead.

While waiting for the food, I was soooooo excited about my new hair that I couldn't stop camwhoring at all. ;_; (resist posting up the rest because I'm so going to get judged. hahas)

Our curry riceeeeee. 
Okay so after eating, we went down to Datsumo Labo to check out their prices and have a consultation session. (Btw, they have an outlet at Adelphi nowwwww. Omg. It's like...just a few doors down from my clinic (Y)) I'm actually still debating on whether to go for it or not, because while the price is reasonable and all, man, I still have tons of things which I need to get. But omg, it's so tempting. What should I do?
Anyway both of us said that we will think about it and left. /So conflicted/ Priorities yo.

So after that, we decided to head over to Hoshino Coffee to grab some dessert. (while typing this, I realised that I like to use the word 'so' a lot) Made a pit stop at Etude House on our way up to Hoshino. Ended up buying more stuff. Really, I should just cut my cards or something ;_;

But thankfully, this time Hui Hui bought more items than me. Achievement unlocked!

I couldn't stop camwhoring. waiiiii. /unleashes the inner bimbo/ But the lighting at Hoshino wasn't that ideal for camwhoring though. 

While waiting for our food, we set up the table for a manicure session. So I had to help Princess Hui Hui do her nails.

It's fun though. I really love doing manicures, and I only have this amount of fingers to do manicure for! I'm going to invest in a gelish UV machine soon. 8D

Hui Hui's fuwa fuwa pancake with soft serve ice cream. 

My molten chocolate lava cake with soft serve ice cream! What an excellent matchhhh.

Look at all the molten chocolate inside.

My ice cream pretty much melted so I'm just going to drink it down like milk!

Failed attempt at milk mustache. Hahahahaha.
After Hoshino, it was already 9+ so time to part ways. End of the day of outing!
And finally I'm done with one post. PS. It took me 2 months just to finish writing this post. *slow clap for self*

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