Monday, 10 February 2014

Back from the Dead

Oh my god. I'm so sorry everyone. I know, I disappeared for months. Omg the last time I blogged was in September '13. I'm not trying to make excuses but after I started working full time, suddenly I really hardly have time to blog. And now I'm studying part time too. I really admire those super dedicated bloggers now. I finally understand how my cousin feels too. She's been juggling work full time and school part time for 6 years.

Life's been pretty crazy nowadays, work is like 12 hours on certain days, I'm studying part time at Kaplan now and I still have my Japanese classes. Obviously I need to work on my management skills because I'm almost starting to get overwhelmed.

On a positive note though, I already got accepted into Oxford Brookes University so I'll be flying to UK in September. But because of that, suddenly time seems to be passing by really quickly. Right now I'm just like, wait, what happened to January. Well, I'm totally looking forward to it but at the same time feeling apprehensive too since it'll be my first time being overseas alone and for a super long period. I wonder how long it'll take before I get homesick and all. ;_;

I mentioned that I'm working full time now right? I'm working at a Chiropractice clinic now, as a chiropractic assistant. It's totally awesome and I really really love working here. Even if there was another job with a higher paying salary, I think I'll still stay here. Heck, I'm even considering coming back here to work when I finish my degree in UK. I'll talk more about my current work/workplace in the next couple of posts because I have loads to talk about.

This post is more of just a heads up for everyone that I'M BACK!!!!!!
So look out for more posts from me from today onwards. There will be posts on my dance covers, makeup, daily life and more!

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