Thursday, 22 August 2013

B'dae + Farewell Dinner

Met up with Winnie, Mandy and Felicia on 8th August. Partially to celebrate my birthday, and also partially a farewell dinner for Mandy since she's flying back to Vancouver on 10th Aug. We were meeting at Jurong Point at 6pm, Fel only picked up her phone at 6.25pm, hahahahaha. So she was terribly late.

Met up with Mandy and Winnie first. Decided to do some window shopping while waiting for Fel to reach. Most of the shops were having a sale, but, none of the clothes were nice!!! Like whut, we entered shop after shop and I only found a top that I liked. Like 1 top out of god knows how many shops. What is this?! *pouts*

Okay so first shop we entered was Kate Love. There were a lot of pretty nice clothes in this shop. It's a brand that I already liked to begin with so maybe I'm kind of biased. 

Like omfg, there's a Japanese Food Street at Jurong Point?! I didn't know, I had no idea, I had no clue at all. I feel so 'mountain turtle' now. D: 

Taking pictures of the food street, as though I'm a tourist. 

I miss Japan. Seeing this really makes me miss Japan. I wanna go back to Japan. I wanna stay there for at least a month. I wanna...omfg can I just work there?! 

Oh look, a giant octopus floating in the sky! *takes picture* 

Fel finally reached around 7+. After much deliberation, we decide to eat at MOF. My first time eating there actually. 

Winnie posing like the diva that she is. Hoho~

I love my eyelashes in here! Omg, thanks to Etude House's Volume Perm Mascara. It's the one that comes with a S-shaped brush. It really adds volume and length to your lashes. <3 <3 <3

Tried to take a group picture but Winnie wasn't in the shot.

Camwhoring while Winnie agonizes over what to order.  

Fel couldn't decide what to order and she asked the waiter to come over. She started asking him what was good and what he would recommend and poor waiter got so flustered. I mean, there's so many different dishes available, how he is supposed to recommend? Lol. Anyway we told him that it's fine and we'll help her decide on a dish. 

We've all decided and Fel is still stuck. 

Waiting for the food to arrive. Actually I was having tonsillitis for quite a few days already and it was really bad that night. The pain would spread to my ears and even my hearing was slightly affected. There was quite a number of food which I should avoid but little-no-discipline-Rayna still wanted to order dessert. But Mandy already bought a slice of cake for me so nah, decided to get dessert only if I still had space in my stomach after that. 

My salmon rice in hot stone bowl. It was pretty nice but rather similar to pepper lunch. Maybe because of the heat or something, it felt a little soothing whenever I swallowed. But still, the pain in my tonsils/throat was pretty bad. Even my headache got worse. D:

No idea when I'll get to see this girl again because all our schedules are always so packed and clashes with each other's on our free days.

The black forest cake that Mandy got for me from Bakerzin. IT WAS AWESOME. Although I couldn't finish it.

I just had to do this. No candles for me, just a knife will do. [I should stop getting influenced by D. Gray Man and Addams Family =X]
Anyway, after eating, it was already close to 10pm so we needed to get back anyway. By then, the pain was so bad I wanted to just curl up on the floor and die. Ended up going to Guardian Pharmacy to buy Nurofen. Not that it helped much though since it doesn't take effect immediately. But I still managed to hang in there until I reached home. Not that I had a choice though, hahas. So Fel was going back to her hostel so she just took a bus from the interchange while the rest of us went to the MRT.
I feel kinda bad because I overslept on Saturday and didn't manage to wish Mandy a safe flight before she left.

That sums up my belated celebration with these 3 awesome girls whom I love so much. And seeing them, reminds me so much of our days back in Crescent. All the fond memories, all the stupid things that we did and all the fun that we had. <3

Well then, that's all for now~ Goodbye and Good night!


My 20th Birthday was on 4th August. OMG I'M OLDDDDDD. MY AGE STARTS WITH A 2 NOW!
But really, one of my greatest fear in life, is also something unavoidable, growing old. Everyday I see a lot of old people around my neighbourhood, some are in wheelchairs, some are walking really slowly, some are suffering from old age related diseases. Seeing them, I'm really scared that one day I'll be like them, one day I won't be able to do things for myself and be a burden. Maybe this is a fear that most people go through, for me, it's something that I think of a lot.
Serious thoughts aside, let's talk about how I celebrated my birthday!

Well it wasn't much though, by the time I ended work, it was already 7.30+pm. I decided to just have a small meal at home. I mean, I was already pretty dead on my feet when I reached home.
I was craving for some Burmese dishes so I called my mum while I was at work. 

The main issue is that I have no idea what this dish is called in english.
Sad attempt to describe it: Thick bee hoon, stew(not really) with tofu and mushroom, lemon, onion, bean sprout, coriander(garnish)
It's like..a Burmese style savory salad? 

Waiting for dinner and testing out my camera. My skin looked pretty blotchy that night. =\

Daddy dearest lazing on the mattress while waiting for dinner. If I'm not wrong, he's playing....Candy Crush. 

My lovely mum preparing dinner. <3 

Would have been a good picture if only mummy's face didn't get blurred. 

Dinner is served~!

Don't we look alike? I most definitely inherited my dad's eyes, nose, eyebrows and lips. Cheeks too I think?

Daddy and mummy started eating first. While my cousin is getting ready.

Lazing around after eating

Candid shot of my dad sleeping. :3

The 3 females at home camwhoring while the only guy is sleeping behind us. HAHAHAHAHA

My cousin dearest decided to troll me. A disney princess cake. For me. My 20th. I love you too. /facepalm/
But...doesn't matter. It's chocolate cake on the inside. Lovesssssss.


If only my brother was also here, now it's just the 3 of us.

Making my birthday wish. 

My dad is grimacing as though I'm feeding him something really disgusting. Daddy, it's just chocolate cake. 

At least mummy dearest is not grimacing. Hahas.
That's pretty much all for the birthday dinner.

My parents got me an iPad as a present. ;_; Thank you mummy and daddy. I love you! <3
Not sure whether I should posts the presents I got though. But my colleagues at Fendi got me presents too after they found out that it was my birthday. THANK YOU!
And also, for everyone who texted me and posted on fb, wishing me Happy Birthday, THANK YOU! ^^

So this is the end of my birthday post!



Firstly, I'm really sorry for the long hiatus. exams are over, school is over, I'M FREEEEE!!!!
Not really though, been really sick and stuck in bed. Apparently my body has been holding up until the exams are over, and now, WHAM, the doctor said it's asthmatic cough. And I'm like, the last time I had mild asthma, I was 1, or maybe 2? Basically, no memories of that. Meh.

Anyway, let's start clearing up the backlogs shall we?

Went for a wedding on 7th July. Well, it was my mum's friend's daughter's wedding. This isn't even complicated yet. Hahas. Anyway, the wedding was held at Holiday Inn over at Orchard. My dad was out of town so I had to accompany my mum. (well I get to dress up and eat good food so no complaints there)

OOTD. At first I was going to wear a traditional Burmese outfit but I ended up wearing this.

Camwhored while waiting for my mum. My eyes do look kind of dead in here. 

One must never forgot a mother-daughter shot. Hahas. 

"Love is to place our happiness in the happiness of another..." Do you agree with this? I partially agree with that statement. After all, if you truly love someone, you want that person to be happy, and their happiness is your happiness. But at the same time, love is also selfish, for you wish to be the one who's making that 'one' happy, and to see them in the arms of another, hurts, a lot. 

Pretty marble wall background. What do we do? Camwhore! 

Guestbook for us to leave messages, with the wedding photo albums. Did I mention how awesome the wedding photos were? It's like, the bride had so many different dresses and outfits and the locations were all so gorgeous and I'm like "ajmorjfwap;' SO JELLY dasdfk9,.'p[ WANTS THAT KIND OF WEDDING SHOOT TOO"
Please ignore the ravings of this demented girl. \o/

[pictures look bluish due to lighting in the room] The bride's mum is at the far left of the picture, with me and my mum on the far right.

Okay so I'm supposed to know who she is, but I have absolutely no recollection of meeting her before. One of my mum's friend though. So, definitely someone I met at the meditation center. 

Admit it, we are the prettiest mother-daughter pair ever!! bricked

First entrance of the happy couple. It's kinda hidden due to the dry ice smoke but the bride's dress had a really long train!!! -likes- -approves- not like anyone cares abt my opinion

Pretty 5 tired cake with roses decor and gold ribbon. However, we were not served any cake! LIKE WHAT?! I mean, isn't a wedding cake meant for: 1) looking pretty+take picture 2)Couple to cut and feed each other 3)Mutilating Cutting it and serving to the guests at the wedding. Right? I'm right, aren't I? SAY EET!

Now that the bride and groom has taken their seats, we
Appetizer first! The jellyfish, tasted nice, but...THE TEXTURE WAS HORRENDOUS. I CHEWED FOR 10 YEARS AND...IT WAS STILL THE SAME STATE ;_; mummy, help. Other than that, there was sushi, cocktail prawn, and that dark coloured roll that's facing you. IMO, the nameless iten was the best. 

Ignore me, I'm just testing out the lighting in the toilet for it is the place where us girls need to touch up our makeup, therefore, the lighting must be perfect. *le sexy divalicious hair flip* [what nonsense]

"Shark fin" soup. Doesn't...taste like authentic shark fin though. Meh. Not that I'm a fan of drinking shark fin soup. [I'll leave my thoughts about all these for another post] 

Deep friend fish with sweet and sour sauce. This was one of the better dishes. 


Bride and groom coming back in after a second outfit change. 

Corseted at the back~

Deep blue floor length ballgown with a bit of bubble skirt design.
This time, the groom gave a speech, directed at the bride's parents. [I'm going to rant about the MC now] They should have just gotten me to MC the event, I'm serious. The MC they had was really bad. She was expressionless, looked down at her script the whole time, and before the groom gave his speech, (because we stood up to welcome them back in), she didn't ask the guests to take a seat. That was the biggest mistake she made in my opinion, after all, there were quite a number of senior guests and like, she made everyone stand throughout the speech.

Next dish to be served, black pepper prawn with red and green pepper. Presentation 3/10. This is a hotel! I expect better food presentation. (Maybe I've been watching too much Kuroshitsuji, lolx)

Being the asshole painfully-honest-at-times kind of person, when the waiter came to pass us a feedback form, I just wrote down every single comment (in a tactful way! see, I'm still nice). But still, I emphasised on the quality of their food. 

Dessert! Mango pudding with evaporated milk. Not bad, but I've tasted better. 

Close up picture of the cake that I didn't get to eat. 

After seeing this picture, I think I should try red lipstick. LET'S EXPERIMENT! 

Wedding lunch over~ Picture with the bride and groom at the exit. 

Add caption

When I grow up, I wanna be rich. I'm going to build a huge assed mansion and have a super luxurious living room and sit in this diva position the whole day. 
So anyway, this wraps up the first wedding I've attended in Singapore. oh my god, putting it that way, I'm so deprived. I need to get out more!!!

A final picture of me before I sign off!