Thursday, 22 August 2013

B'dae + Farewell Dinner

Met up with Winnie, Mandy and Felicia on 8th August. Partially to celebrate my birthday, and also partially a farewell dinner for Mandy since she's flying back to Vancouver on 10th Aug. We were meeting at Jurong Point at 6pm, Fel only picked up her phone at 6.25pm, hahahahaha. So she was terribly late.

Met up with Mandy and Winnie first. Decided to do some window shopping while waiting for Fel to reach. Most of the shops were having a sale, but, none of the clothes were nice!!! Like whut, we entered shop after shop and I only found a top that I liked. Like 1 top out of god knows how many shops. What is this?! *pouts*

Okay so first shop we entered was Kate Love. There were a lot of pretty nice clothes in this shop. It's a brand that I already liked to begin with so maybe I'm kind of biased. 

Like omfg, there's a Japanese Food Street at Jurong Point?! I didn't know, I had no idea, I had no clue at all. I feel so 'mountain turtle' now. D: 

Taking pictures of the food street, as though I'm a tourist. 

I miss Japan. Seeing this really makes me miss Japan. I wanna go back to Japan. I wanna stay there for at least a month. I wanna...omfg can I just work there?! 

Oh look, a giant octopus floating in the sky! *takes picture* 

Fel finally reached around 7+. After much deliberation, we decide to eat at MOF. My first time eating there actually. 

Winnie posing like the diva that she is. Hoho~

I love my eyelashes in here! Omg, thanks to Etude House's Volume Perm Mascara. It's the one that comes with a S-shaped brush. It really adds volume and length to your lashes. <3 <3 <3

Tried to take a group picture but Winnie wasn't in the shot.

Camwhoring while Winnie agonizes over what to order.  

Fel couldn't decide what to order and she asked the waiter to come over. She started asking him what was good and what he would recommend and poor waiter got so flustered. I mean, there's so many different dishes available, how he is supposed to recommend? Lol. Anyway we told him that it's fine and we'll help her decide on a dish. 

We've all decided and Fel is still stuck. 

Waiting for the food to arrive. Actually I was having tonsillitis for quite a few days already and it was really bad that night. The pain would spread to my ears and even my hearing was slightly affected. There was quite a number of food which I should avoid but little-no-discipline-Rayna still wanted to order dessert. But Mandy already bought a slice of cake for me so nah, decided to get dessert only if I still had space in my stomach after that. 

My salmon rice in hot stone bowl. It was pretty nice but rather similar to pepper lunch. Maybe because of the heat or something, it felt a little soothing whenever I swallowed. But still, the pain in my tonsils/throat was pretty bad. Even my headache got worse. D:

No idea when I'll get to see this girl again because all our schedules are always so packed and clashes with each other's on our free days.

The black forest cake that Mandy got for me from Bakerzin. IT WAS AWESOME. Although I couldn't finish it.

I just had to do this. No candles for me, just a knife will do. [I should stop getting influenced by D. Gray Man and Addams Family =X]
Anyway, after eating, it was already close to 10pm so we needed to get back anyway. By then, the pain was so bad I wanted to just curl up on the floor and die. Ended up going to Guardian Pharmacy to buy Nurofen. Not that it helped much though since it doesn't take effect immediately. But I still managed to hang in there until I reached home. Not that I had a choice though, hahas. So Fel was going back to her hostel so she just took a bus from the interchange while the rest of us went to the MRT.
I feel kinda bad because I overslept on Saturday and didn't manage to wish Mandy a safe flight before she left.

That sums up my belated celebration with these 3 awesome girls whom I love so much. And seeing them, reminds me so much of our days back in Crescent. All the fond memories, all the stupid things that we did and all the fun that we had. <3

Well then, that's all for now~ Goodbye and Good night!

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